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What does Target have to hide regarding treatment of their employees?


The Destruction of Our Kids Future!

The Destruction of Our Kids Future!


A Blurb from a Walmart Shopper seeking help with an Electronics Purchase?

I am so pleased to announce that I was kicked out of Walmart today. All I wanted was assistance in getting a memory card for my Nikon and I could not get any employee to help me. I went to five employees in various departments for help and they all said that electronics was not their department. And then they continued their conversation, turning their backs on me. I asked the cashier supervisor for help and she had a fit.

I ask you: can you blame me for going back to the middle of the electronics department and shouting at the top of my lungs, “is there anyone in this store going to help me?”

End of story…local police were summoned and escorted me out of the store. My wife is still not talking to me.

-Kevin – April 2014

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World’s 85 richest own as much as poorest 50%

What is wrong with this world when you see the article above?

We have created this website and team to address BP’s and Walmart’s tactics as a corporation. Corporate Greed and Money in Politics is the No. 1 Threat to Our Country and Our Kids.

The BP Horizon Well Incident will have an Environmental Impact on our country for years. the Full Extent may never be known.

Our sister site:

No Corporate Social Responsibility is the No. 1 Threat to Our Country and Our Kids.

A Nicely Done You Tube Video on Corporate Welfare by Walmart